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By Les Blough, Editor
Mar 24, 2007, 09:02

The Boston Globe article (below) reports that yesterday, Democrat-led House of Representatives voted to continue the war in Iraq for another 17 months. In the last 17 months, 1265 US and British soldiers were killed in Iraq - about 4 a day. At least 23,113 Iraqis were killed in the last 15 months - probably many more.

At the Encampment to Stop the War in Washington DC last week organized by Troops Out Now Coalition, we were first in line to attend the Democrats' first hearing for funding the war. Our "representatives" refused to allow us to attend the public hearing. So we confronted the Democrats outside the hearing room door in the hallway of the Rayburn Building. They arrested 9 of us for doing no more than speaking out against the war, exercising our first amendment right in a public building.

The corporate media report included below states:

"The House of Representatives for the first time passed a binding resolution for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, voting by a 218-to-212 margin to force President Bush to end US involvement in the war by the end of August 2008."

All sectors of society and the corporate media agree that the people voted the Democrats into power last November for the express purpose of ending the war in Iraq. The Democrats and Republicans then colluded to continue the war with their absurd claims that they could not end the war now because of their responsibility to "protect the troops" and to protect Iraqis from themselves by averting a civil war. The Democrats - in control of the House and Senate even claimed that their hands are tied and they are powerless to stop the war. All 3 of these claims are an affront and insult to those who put them in office last November. Nancy Pelosi and John Murtha presented their decision to continue the war. Pelosi shamelessly stated, "Proudly, this new Congress voted to bring an end to the war in Iraq". John Murtha put this face on the death-vote: "We are going to make a difference with this bill. We are going to bring those troops home. We are going to start changing the direction of this great country." Then the Boston Globe gave them cover, offending every anti-war protester since the first invasion calling Murtha, that crusty old killer in Vietnam - "a key anti war leader".

It should now be crystal clear to all those who have trusted the Democrats over the decades to be the "people's party" - the U.S. political party who gives voice to the poor, the downtrodden, the worker and the ordinary person - that the Democrats are one and the same with the Republicans. They always have been, but the U.S. government's rampant global aggression during the last 4 1/2 years - and has ripped the masks off the Democrats and shown them for what they have always been - imperialist, capitalist pigs who value the individual beneath the worth of profit and power. The blood of the the 1265 soldiers killed in the last 17 months and of the Iraqis killed in the last 15 months rests squarely on the backs of the Democrats who funded the slaughter - just as much as the Republicans. The burden of the blood of those who will be killed in the next 17 months will be borne by the same Democrats who are intent on keeping this war going whatever their perverted reasons.

Finally, this corporate media report attempts to distance the war-mongering Democrats from the man who is now hated by so many people in the U.S. and throughout the world: George W. Bush

"An outraged Bush declared that the Democratic-led body had "abdicated its responsibility" by passing a bill he said would hearten insurgents even though there is "no chance" the House could override his veto.

Nobody should be fooled by this rhetoric. It's a beast with two heads and the two political parties work in tandem to reach their combined, corporate objectives. Both are controlled by the corporations and if not controlled - heavily influenced by AIPAC and other pro-Israel lobbies. Just as with domestic policy, in the case of the Iraq war, the Republicans are the "Bad Cop" and the Democrats the "Good". But there can be no possible good - no matter how they mind-fuck it - about the death of another baby, child, mother, father, uncle, aunt, cousin or friend in Iraq. Whatever their twisted goals, they cannot be worth the life of one more soldier - most do not want to be there - they know they've been lied to, are killing for corporate interests and only want to come home.

As the politicians grind on in their meat factory that was once called Iraq, we will grind on and confront them at their front door, on the street, in their Washington death rooms, wherever they we can find them - and give them no quarter. Last week we raised the bar. We have begun our move from protest to Resistance.

- Les Blough, Editor

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