Friday, March 16, 2007
FIST youth storm Rayburn House Office Building
The Democrats attempted to silence debate in the Rayburn Building-- half an hour ago 19 youth from FIST (Fight Imperialism Stand Together) stormed Rayburn to let them know that the people will not be silenced.

Yesterday, members of the Democratically-controlled House Appropriations Committee met in the Rayburn Building to conspire to spend billions of dollars to continue funding the criminal occupation of Iraq--money they have stolen from the people, who need it for health care, education, affordable housing, and other human needs.

In order to keep the people out of yesterday's hearing, the Committee Chair, David Obey (D- Wis), packed the room with staffers and corporate lobbyists. Capitol police then arrested 10 people for attempting to voice opposition to continuing to fund the war.

Today--minutes ago-- a diverse group of 19 youth, mostly women, entered the Rayburn Building, to demand "Money for Jobs and Education, not for War and Occupation" and "Cut the Funding, End the War; Troops Out Now!"

Their demands were loud enough to be heard from across the street and prevented the Congressional offices and hearings from conducting their daily business of imperialism, greed, and oppression.

The Capitol cops were clearly unprepared for the militant youth and could only attempt to chase them through the building as they marched through every hallway on all three floors.

Members of Congress may attempt to hide their crimes behind "non-binding resolutions" and phony timetables, but the antiwar movement is not fooled by political posturing. Resistance will only increase until Congress does what the people have demanded--cut off the funds and bring the troops home.

FIST assembling in the lobby of the Rayburn Building

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