Wednesday, February 28, 2007
San Francisco Labor Council Resolution
San Francisco Labor Council Resolution

Support March 12-19 actions to cut off funding for the war

Whereas, the war in Iraq is continuing; the American people in the last election clearly stated their opposition to this war; yet the war cannot continue without war funding, and

Whereas, a major factor in ending the Vietnam War was the cut-off of funding by Congress, and

Whereas, the Bush administration is requesting massive additional funding for the war, and Congress is due to debate this re-funding of the war as early as March 2007, and

Whereas, the San Francisco Labor Council unanimously voted in December 2006 to oppose any continued war funding, and

Whereas, broadly-supported direct actions calling for cutting off all funding for the war are taking place to coincide with the Congressional debate -- an Encampment to de-fund and Stop the War in Washington DC March 12-19, on the mall in front of the Capitol Building, and a demonstration to de-fund and stop the war at noon March 19 at the Federal Building in San Francisco [offices of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi], and

Whereas, these actions complement the national and local demonstrations on the 4th anniversary of the war, including the 3/17 March on the Pentagon and the 3/18 march in San Francisco which the SF Labor Council has endorsed; therefore be it

Resolved, that the SF Labor Council endorse and encourage participation in the March 12-19 Encampment to de-fund and Stop the War on The Mall in Washington DC, and the demonstration to de-fund and stop the war at San Francisco's Federal Building on March 19.

Adopted by the San Francisco Labor Council on February 26, 2007, by unanimous vote.

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If you can't join us at the Encampment - you can still be a part of this mobilzation to Stop the War at Home and Abroad. Please consider making a generous donation to help cover the costs of transportation, food, tents, sound equipment, and much more. You can donate online donate online at

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