Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Bring your BILLS to Washington

Bring your bills to Washington!

Congress is spending $100,000 a minute on the war. Meanwhile, more and more people are falling below the poverty line. Hospitals are closing. Schools are underfunded, understaffed, and overcrowded. Wounded veterans returning from Iraq are being housed in rund-down roach-infested motels. Most of the survivors of Hurricane Katrina have not been able to return home and rebuild.

We need moeny for human needs, not war. That's why we're asking you to Bring Your Bills to Washington. Bring them all---utility bills, student loan notes, medical bills, etc.

When Congress assembles to take up Bush's request for another $100 billion for war, let's tell them that we need Money for Jobs, Healthcare, and Education--Not War!

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If you can't join us at the Encampment - you can still be a part of this mobilzation to Stop the War at Home and Abroad. Please consider making a generous donation to help cover the costs of transportation, food, tents, sound equipment, and much more. You can donate online donate online at http://troopsoutnow.org/donate.shtml.

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