Wednesday, May 2, 2007
Protest Bush's veto / Don't let the Democrats veto the antiwar movement
Warning: Don't let the Democratic Party leadership and the '08 Presidential Election veto the antiwar movement.

President Bush's veto of the Democratic Party's bill containing a non-binding timetable for withdrawal of troops from Iraq displayed once again the Administration's absolute contempt for the will of the people, who are now overwhelmingly in favor of ending the occupation.

But more ominous than Bush's inevitable veto of the war funding bill is the prospect of the leadership of the Democratic Party "vetoing" and derailing the anti-war movement by pretending to be against the war while continuing to support it with billions of dollars of more war funding.

The Democratic Party was elected to control of the House and Senate with a mandate to end the war. As pressure grew from the antiwar movement for the Democrats to cut off the funding and withdraw the troops immediately, they turned to a desperate act of political theater in a an attempt to change the subject, attaching their support for continued funding for the war to a non-binding timetable for withdrawal from Iraq.

The Democratic Party bill, even if not vetoed, would not have required the withdrawal of a single soldier from Iraq. The bill allowed Bush to exempt entire categories of troops at his discretion, including: troops “training the Iraqi military;” troops engaged in “special operations"; and troops “protecting diplomatic enclaves” including the U.S. Embassy and the Green Zone. This means that Bush could maintain current troop levels in Iraq and still be in compliance with the Democrats' bill.

Furthermore, even if Bush agreed to observe withdrawal dates that the Democrats suggested, it would mean that this criminal, colonial war would go on for at least another year and a half. Another year of Iraqi civilians and U.S. soldiers dying; Another year of Abu-Ghraib style torture. Another year of a criminal occupation.

Actually the truth of this "antiwar" charade is even worse. Everybody knew all the time that Congress would put on an antiwar show, and after Bush vetoed the bill containing non-binding withdrawal timetables, they would then give Bush the war funding. Leading Democrats announced months ago that they had absolutely no intention of cutting off the funding for the war.

By pretending to fight Bush on the war, Congress is hoping to neutralize the growing movement demanding the immediate end to this criminal war and occupation. Democrats in Congress hope that by hiding behind non-binding resolutions, imaginary timetables, and other acts of political theater they will send the message to those of us who have marched and organized to end the war that we don't need to march and mobilize anymore, because the real struggle against the war is now in Congress.

Part of this message is that, instead of taking to the streets to demand that Congress cut of all war funds and bring the troops home now, we should instead come in off the streets and sign up to support whoever the Democratic Party's presidential candidate is in 2008. We must never again allow the antiwar movement to be co-opted, misled, and demobilized in the name of Presidential politics or the agenda of either major political Party.

Let's make sure to stay in the streets, continue to demand that Congress cut of all war funding, stay focused on the demand for immediate withdrawal of all troops, and stay independent of both the Democrats and the Republicans who share responsibility for the war.

Only the people will stop this criminal war. Tomorrow, antiwar groups across the U.S. have called for demonstrations against Bush's veto. We urge you to take part in these demonstrations and demand that the troops be brought home now -- no phony timetables, no more political theater, no waiting for after the 2008 Presidential elections -- now!

In New York City:
Times Sq. Wednesday 5:00 pm
World Can't Wait is calling on everyone to gather in front of Times Square's military recruiting center--43rd and Broadway--at 5pm WEDNESDAY to demand an immediate end to the Iraq war and impeachment of the Bush Regime for war crimes.

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