Tuesday, September 25, 2007
from L.A. Encampment
The Tent City Occupation of the Westwood Federal Building continues!

The producer of Occupation 101 will be on hand for a post-screening discussion of the documentary film, Occupation 101, Voices of the Silenced - a film that brings out the truth about the historical roots of the Zionist occupation of Palestine, and the reality of 60 years of U.S. backed occupation for Palestinian people.

When: Tonight at 6PM
Where: Westwood Federal Building Tent City @ Wilshire & Veteran
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If you can't join us at the Encampment - you can still be a part of this mobilzation to Stop the War at Home and Abroad. Please consider making a generous donation to help cover the costs of transportation, food, tents, sound equipment, and much more. You can donate online donate online at http://troopsoutnow.org/donate.shtml.

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SEPT 22 - 29

It's time to move from Protest to Resistance:

SEPT 22- 29: Encampment in Washington DC & March on the White House

SEPT 29: National March on from the Capitol to the White House

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